About me

Since 2018, I am Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) of Maastricht University. I obtained my PhD at the KU Leuven in 2014 studying the role of national administrations in EU trade policy. The following year, I had temporary teaching commitments at the Universiteit Antwerpen and the KU Leuven, before taking on a post-doctoral position at the Centre for European Research in Maastricht.

My teaching commitments at Maastricht University primarily lay with the Bachelor European Studies and the Master European Studies. In the former, I coordinate a course in Public Policy Analysis (EUS2001 Policy Domains), and I co-coordinate the FASoS’ Excellence programme (MaRbLe). In the master programme, I coordinate a course on External Economic Relations of the EU (EUS4005) and am actively involved in the research track of the thesis.

My research focuses on European institutional politics and trade policy, with specific attention to the intersection of both topics. Over the years, I have also become actively involved in the scholarship on teaching and learning. For more information, please see my detailed CV.

I created this website mostly as a writing stimulus. Putting my observations and reflections ‘on paper’ and in the process- hopefully- becoming a more proficient writer.